We are Revolution Sonar, the new trailblazers in marine electronics. Resolution Sonar is an innovative startup dedicated to enhancing your fishing experience and maximizing the potential of forward facing sonar with advanced technology. Our commitment to research, design, and craftsmanship is deeply rooted, and it is with immense pride that we introduce our flagship product, the groundbreaking PB1 sonar aiming system.

Revolution Sonar's technology brings sonar aiming into the 21st century with a perfect blend of functionality and precision. Our forward-facing sonar system comes with a rotary foot control and a motorized turret mounted co-axially around the trolling motor shaft —both patent pending designs—that aim to change the way you use forward facing sonar.


The Revolution Sonar PB1 system features a unique motorized sonar turret mounted coaxially around the trolling motor shaft, offering the most compact, lightest, strongest sonar aiming system ever created. The patent pending rotary foot control, equipped with a .01-degree accurate sensor, aims the forward-facing sonar transducer with unparalleled precision. Instead of using a two button pedal, the user will simple steer the sonar to target as fast or slow as they like. Gone are the days of standing on a button waiting for the sonar to reach its target. Never before has it been easier to accurately locate structure, fish and you bait with forward facing sonar.


The PB1 advanced logic functions clearly separate this system from any competing product. The system leverages the boat's network to gain compass heading information, providing exceptional directional stability to the turret. With this data, our product can maintain a consistent heading, making underwater exploration smoother and more efficient.

For greater exploration flexibility, our software interface includes a sweep mode. This allows you, the user, to establish a clockwise and counterclockwise limit of travel for the turret up to 359 degrees of sweep. The turret sweeps between these limits and allows the user to adjust the speed down from 10 rpm down to .1 rpm. And as an industry first, the sweep limits are constantly being corrected for heading change.


Understanding the need for user-friendly interfaces, we've incorporated a full-color LED ring into our foot control. This LED ring displays the heading direction of the sonar, providing immediate and clear visual feedback. It further enhances the user experience by offering signals for the system’s advanced modes, making it easy for you to navigate and control.

At Revolution Sonar, we are revolutionizing the marine electronics industry. Our unique designs are just the beginning. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, and experience a new era of fish exploration.

Welcome aboard!